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IgnitionDb is a database engine complete with a database management system.
It is licensed under Lesser General Public License, or LGPL.
For details about LGPL please go to http://www.gnu.org
IgnitionDb is a small sized, fast database engine with practically no overhead.
It is an In Process COM object which means it only works on Microsoft Windows operational systems.
IgnitionDb does not use SQL for querying, but uses "filters" instead which are Regular Expressions linked towards the columns you choose to filter against.
IgnitionDb does not work with sets neither, but is rather an "iterative" database.
You set up a filter, and then you iterate one record at a time untill you have reached the end.
In IgnitionDb you have no other types of objects except tables, you have no "index" objects, you have no forreign keys, you have no stored procedures etc. Many will probably define this as a weakness of the engine, but this has been choosen to increase speed and ease use and implementation.
IgnitionDb is rather a "base for data" then a "database".

Now some fast keywords to make google happy and to list the different techniques used in IgnitionDb:

  • C++
  • Database
  • Regular Expressions
  • Iterators
  • Templates
  • Policy Based Design
The IgnitionDb project is hosted at

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The simplicity of IgnitionDb is probably it's biggest advantage, compare this diagram to the diagram of any other database
We want to make IgnitionDb into something good. To do that we need harsh critisism. If you want anything doing on IgnitionDb then please let us know. Please try and think your ideas through before submitting them, and don't be afraid to offer any kind of suggestions. I'm quite happy to hear any of the following:
  • Your code smells - you can improve it by doing x,y and z
  • IgnitionDb is too slow in xyz area
  • IgnitionDb needs an 'xyz' feature
  • Can you change feature 'xyz' so that it does 'xyz'
  • etc...