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IgnitionDb was developed as a counterattack upon the massive extragavanze database engines you need several CDs to install.
IgnitionDb is a small dll which requires some small code in your registry, nothing more, nothing less.
It doesn't run when it's not required in any applications, which makes it mush less memory consuming then e.g. Oracle or MSSQL Server.
The only thing you get from IgnitionDb is a "base for data" when YOU need it, period.
It works with all programming languages you can use in any windows operational system (as long as they can instantiate COM objects which allmost every language on MS Windows can)
It doesn't perform any gigabyte harddisc consuming operations in the background when doing updates or delete statements, it doesn't give you any security problems (GUARANTEED) since it's an InProcess COM object.
You don't open up your server for dangerous slammer attacks when using it, and best of all it's totally free!!
Heck, you even get the source code it's made of in cases where you need to modify it's behaviour!!
Be warned, IgnitionDb is at the moment of this writing in alpha version which means that it comes with NO WARRANTY WHAT SO EVER, see the license file for further details.
This basically means that is has not been fully debugged, and might have bugs which I am not aware of. This in turn might be harmful to your application.

IgnitionDb is being developed by one person at the moment, namely Thomas Hansen, but I am considering getting help from other people, so if you think you're up to it, please let me know and maybe YOU will be one of the names shining in neon at this site...

Thomas Hansen

I am from Norway and I am working at a norwegian company called adra match asa in the Research & Development apartment.
I am "hacking code" daily in C#, C++, SQL, HTML, XML, XSLT plus *FoxPro*
I have been in my past working with perl, java, Visual Basic, CISC x86 assambler, plus tons of other concepts.
My focus at the moment is C#, SQL && C++ (adavanced template programming and COM interoperability with .Net Framework)

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